The sculpture studio was established in 1984, followed in 1988 by the bronze foundry. The studio was founded and has been managed by the sculptor Robert Sobociński, a graduate of the Fine Arts Academy in Poznań. The bronze foundry cooperates with experienced metallurgists and artists of this craft.

We have extensive experience in making bronze sculptures in any scale, ranging from a few centimetres to over a dozen metres. Since 1984 we have made - in Poland and in Europe - a few thousand sculptures, including around 150 monumental works - sculptures in urban space, open-air objects, small dies, reliefs, commemorative plaques, statues, medals, etc. Many of these objects were made by the sculptor Robert Sobociński.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, from designs to casts, landscaping for the sculpture, as well as designing and construction of small architecture and stonework, etc. We arrange transportation and assembly of our sculptures and monuments.

We have two studios, of sculpture and design and a bronze foundry. Our seasoned staff make designs, sculptures, models, bronze objects, chiselling, patinas, silicon dies, reconstructions and renewal of bronzes, and sculpted stuccos. We make bronze casts, in every scale, in a technique of lost wax with the use of the most advanced die cast technologies and bronze casts in all the available technologies of molding masses.

The studios, with high-tech equipment and facilities with a total area of 400 m? make it possible to make sculptures and monuments in every scale. For the highest quality of our products we use top quality bronzes and other materials. We tailor our technologies and the character of the surface finish to the particular needs of the client. We provide free technological consultations to our clients.